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Ataru Moroboshi

Ataru Moroboshi, the luckless lecher, is the unluckiest boy on the planet. He was born on the unluckiest day in the Buddhist calendar, and his name literally means to get hit by a fallen star. He goes out on countless girl hunts, looking for dates, he usually gets slapped in the face a few times, but that's about it. He always has this stupid look on his face, and when he tries to get serious, he can't hold his face like that for long, because his face muscles aren't used to it. On top of that he's got Lum chasing after him. Deep down inside Ataru loves Lum, but he never shows it, thinking that commitment, might jeopardize his "Girl Hunts". Lum has shown her undivided attention to him, you rarely find him without her around. Whenever Ataru tries to go on his Girl Hunts, he tries to give Lum the slip. When he gets caught by Lum, he usually feels the wrath of Lum's electric shock. Ataru has been a disappointment to everyone he's met, except to Lum, she's the only one who, remotely gives a rat's ass about Ataru. Because of his perversion, Ataru gets himself into all sorts of trouble. Either trouble with Lum, or lum has to bail him out. Overall, Ataru is one of my all time favourite Anime characters.

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