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The Ataru Shrine

Ataru, is the funniest character I have ever seen, and I think he's been getting the shitty end of the stick, with all these Lum shrines, but not once have I found an Ataru shrine, and I think that Ataru deserves a shrine for being soooo damn hillarious. Taking that into consideration, I have decided to make my own Ataru shrine, to right all these wrongs, and give Ataru what he truly deserves. I am short on pictures right now, but please take into consideration, that I will be looking for pictures of Ataru at his most hillarious moments, eg. Ataru facing the wrath of Lum's Electro lynching, or the Pink Hippopotomus from Movie 3 etc.

Ataru fans Unite!!!!!!! If there is enough demand, I will start my very own Ataru Webring. If you would like to see that happen, mail me at

Well, that's all I have for now, check in a little bit later, and I may have more stuff in this shrine.