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Jariten, or Ten chan (as Lum refers to him), is Lum's little cousin. He is a little brat, who's favourite pastime, is ratting on Ataru, which usually results in Ataru getting Lum's electric lynching. Jariten came down to see what kind of man Lum's new fiancee is, he was totally and utterly disappointed, when he saw Ataru. He thinks that Lum is too good for Ataru, and Ataru doesn't deserve Lum, so he decided to stay with them, and check on Ataru. Jariten can fly, and breathe fire. But he is still a baby, and can not fly very fast. For a baby, Jariten is very smart, and mature, his taste in women, is also quite mature, he is just as much of a pervert as Ataru, and because of his size, he usually gets away with it. Jariten, means bratty Ten. And Jariten is a little brat.

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