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Rurouni Kenshin is one of the most wicked Anime serieses I have ever seen, and if you get the chance to see it, I strongly suggest you do so. The series takes place in Japan 10 years after the Meiji Dynasty took power. The main character of the series is Himura Kenshin, 10 years earlier, in Kyoto, he was known as Hitokiri Batousai, fighting to bring the Meiji government to power. After a disturbance, Hitokiri Batousai left the history books for good. it was said that he killed what he shouldn't have. And he became a non killing Rurounin, who fought to protect with his Sakaba Sword (sword with an upside down blade). Vowing never to kill anybody again. Kenshin used the sword, only to protect, because he despised fighting. One day in Tokyo, 10 years after he left Kyoto, Kenshin met Kamiya Kaoru, and he stayed at her dojo, and decided to protect her. I'm not gonna go into greater detail about the series so I don't give you big time spoilers,\ so I gave a little introduction, that's all. As the series goes on, it gets really fucking wicked.

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well, that's all the Kenshin shit I have for now, so enjoy, I guess, I'll try to get more pics and shit, and put up character profiles when I have the time. that's it for now.