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Lum, is an alien princess, who was called to Earth to have a match of tag to decide the fate of the planet. On Earth's side, was our good buddy Ataru Moroboshi, who agreed to have the match when he saw the size of Lum's "assets". Ataru went into the match, without realizing that Lum could fly, after 9 of the 10 days, Ataru could not catch Lum. that night, his semi girlfriend, Shinobu told him she would marry him if he won the match. The next day, Ataru used a dirty trick, and caught Lum. Then he uttered the words, "Now I can get married". Lum thought that he was referring to her, and she readily agreed to marry him, but if he so much as looks at another girl, she gives him an electric lynching. As time went by, Shinobu gave up on Ataru. Lum, loves Ataru fully, body and soul. But Ataru doesn't want to admit love to her. Lum is usually seen wherever Ataru is, and her little cousin, Jariten, is usually around her too. Lum only refers to Ataru as "Darling", and she's the only one who would remotely consider going out with Ataru. All of the guys in Ataru's class are in love with Lum, but the only person Lum shares feelings of love with, is Ataru. A few obsessed members of the class formed a group called "Lum's Stormtroopers", and they would do anything for Lum. They spend many nights envying Ataru, and they can't stand it when Ataru mistreats Lum. Even the Richest Boy in Japan (Who could have any girl he wants) Shutaro Mendou, wants the one girl who he can't have, Lum, and because of that, he is Ataru's main rival. To keep a closer eye on Ataru, Lum transfered into Ataru's class, now the guys in the class drool over Lum. Lum has some weird friends form space. A biker chick, who rides a crimson airbike, an airhead, with a split personality, and an ice cold princess of Neptune. Lum is one of the most interesting characters in the series.

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