Happosai 2000's Ranma 1/2 Section

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Ranma 1/2, is one of my favourite anime series that I have ever seen. It is about this dude named Ranma, who has this really screwed up curse, where when he is splashed by cold water, he turns into a girl, on top of that he has this fiancee, that he wants, but doesn't really show it, the same goes for her towards him. There is a lot of other stuff, but I don't wanna go into detail at this moment.

There is a picture of Ryoga, Kuno, Sasuke, and Mousse.

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Character Profiles

Ranma Saotome

Ranma, is the main character of the series, he has this screwed up curse, when he is splashed by cold water, he turns into a girl. He is engaged to Akane Tendo, who at first, he doesn't want. Although he doesn't show it, he wants her. He also has two other fiancees, Ukyo, and Shampoo, both of which, he doesn't want. Shampoo, is always flirting with him, which causes Akane to spaz out on him, because she thinks that they're doing stuff together. When Ranma was little, his father promised Ukyo's father, that Ranma would marry Ukyo, in return for the family's Okonomiyaki cart. Genma, ran away with the cart, but he left something behind, Ukyo. Now Ukyo has come back, and is another one of Ranma's Fiancees. To make things worse, Ranma always has all these guys wanting to come to beat him up, but he always kicks their ass. Ryoga, is Ranma's "Sworn Enemy". The First fight, they were supposed to have was over bread. Ryoga, has no sense of direction, and it took him 4 days to get there, while Ranma waited three days, so Ryoga followed Ranma to China, and fell in Jusenkyo. Ranma's got a few other enemies, but I'll deal with them, in their character profiles.

Akane Tendo

Akane, the youngest of the Tendo girls, is arranged to be married to Ranma. No matter how much she says she doesn't like Ranma, she likes him, inside. I mean, if she hated him, why would she get so jealous over the littlest things, such as Shampoo flirting with Ranma. She's a real Tomboy Butch, who kicks guys asses. So when shampoo flirts with Ranma, Ranma gets hit. Her little pet, is P-chan (Ryoga) she doesn't know it's him, or she wouldn't sleep with it, she'd kick it.

Ryoga Hibiki

Ryoga, is Ranma's Sworn enemy, who has no sense of direction, he's such an idiot, that he gets lost in his own backyard. When he took 4 days to get to a fight with Ranma, and Ranma left after 3 days, he followed Ranma to China, where he fell into Jusenkyo, now he turns into a little pig, and he's Akane's little Pet P-chan. Now, He has sworn to defeat Ranma, in any way, but he always loses. On top of that, he really wants Akane, Ranma always tries to screw him up. He fell into Jusenkyo, and now he turns into a little black pig, and is Akane's little pet pig p-chan. Akane doesn't know that Ryoga is p-chan. Ranma knows that Ryoga is p-chan, and always bugs him about it.

Genma Saotome

Genma, is Ranma's Father, who has basically screwed Ranma over for life. with some of the stuff he did, such as promise his wife (Ranma's mother) that if he didn't turn into a real man, they'd both commit seppuku. and also make Ukyo, another fiancee of Ranma's and ran away with their okonomiyaki cart. Ranma can kick Genma's ass no problem.


When Genma and Ranma were training in China, they came upon an amazon village, and accedentally ate the food for the prize for the Amazon fighting tournament. Ranma, in girl form, had to fight an amazon, so they could hve the prize Ranma won, and the Amazon Girl (Shampoo) Gave Ranma the kiss of death. And promised to chase the girl form to the ends of the Earth, and kill it. but, Ranma accidentally defeated Shampoo when he was in his guy form, now he's got another fiancee. Shampoo, is all over him, she flirts with him, and sometimes does stuff to him, to force him to touch her uhh... twin peaks. Akane always gets pissed at Ranma, for stuff that Shampoo does. On top of that, Mousse is in love with Shampoo, and wants to kill Ranma, when Ranma doesn't want anything to do with Shampoo.

Ukyo Kuonji

When Ranma was little, he had a friend named Ukyo, who's family owned an okonomiyaki cart. So, him and Genma, always had food to eat. One day, Ukyo's father, talked to Genma, about making Ranma Ukyo's fiancee, the man said that he would also throw in the okonomiyaki cart, so Genma excepted, but he left Ukyo by the side of the road, and ditched her. Ranma never knew that Ukyo was a girl, until she came back, and told Ranma she was his other fiancee. So now Ranma has 3 Fiancees that he doesn't really want.

Tatewaki Kuno

Kuno, is a sick little puppy, who's got some serious mental problems. not just him, but his whole family is screwed up. His sister and his father got some serious mental problems as well. Kuno, is the Capitain of the school Kendo club, and he can't decide on who he loves more, Akane, or Ranma chan. of course, he doesn't even know, that Ranma, and Ranma chan are the same person. He considers Ranma, his fiend, and he has a servant, Sasuke, who he treats like shit. He is also very rich.

Kodachi Kuno

Kodachi, (The Black Rose) is just as abnormal as Kuno, if not more. She is deeply in love with Ranma, and wants to kill Ranma chan. She is the capitain of the St. Heibreke School Martial Arts rhythmic Gymnastics team. And she cooks with sleeping pills, and does other abnormal things. To top it off, she's got the most annoying laugh that you'll ever see.


Mousse, can't see shit without his glasses on, and he is deeply in love with Shampoo, who in turn does not love him. So he went after Ranma, and lost. so he went to Jusenkyo. He should have had his glasses on, because he walked right into the spring of drowned Duck, now he turns into alittle duck, and he vows to defeat Ranma.


Happosai, is the funniest charachter I have ever seen, Rumiko Takahashi, was a genious, in making Happosai, he is an old dude, who steals panties, he is sooo hilarious. he runs around from house to house, stealing undergarments. he also likes to stick his head in women's uhh...Mountains, and move his head around in them. He is the biggest pervert I have ever seen. He is the master of The Anything goes school of martial arts, and Ranma Can not defeat him. Soun, and Genma suck up to him. They tried to finish him off, but they didn't. And he came back, to do what else, STEAL PANTIES!!!


Cologne, is Shampoo's Great Grandmother, and she can defeat Ranma easily. She sorta loved Happosai, when they were 18. Cologne is the leader of the Amazon tribe, and is dead set on Making Ranma marry Shampoo.

I finally started fixing up this section, I finally got around to it, sorry it took so long.