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Ranma 1/2 Fight! Part 1 : Happosai Vs. His Greatest Enemy

It was a normal day in the Tendo Dojo, until Happosai arrived, and started causing hell.

"Where are all my panties?? I had a full drawer full a second ago!!!" Screamed Akane.

"Why, you asking me?" said Ranma "why would I wanna tak em'?"

"Cause you're a pervert" said Akane

"I aint no Pervert, you stupid uncute tomboy, mabye the Old freak took them".

"Who you calling a Tomboy? Besides I haven't seen Happosai for months" said Akane.

Akane splashes Ranma with cold water.

"What you do that for?" said Ranma


"Yo Ranma" Said Happosai as he sneaked through the windows.

"Yo, Old Fart, what's up" said Ranma

"Don't talk to your master like that, you should be ready to die for me Ranma" said Happosai.

"Shut up old fart" said Ranma "Just why did you come here anyways?

"I came to issue a challenge, Ranma, read this" said Happosai, as he hands Ranma a piece of paper.

"see ya Ranma" said Happosai as he ran away.

"wait up, you old fart" said Ranma.

"Hmmm... I am going to steal all the panties in the city, unless, you come stop me. Hahahahahahahaha --Happosai--" Said Akane.

"I guess I gotta go stop the old freak" Said Ranma cracking his knuckles.

"Wait up Ranma, I'm coming too" Said Akane.

"Oink, Oink" said P-chan, as he ran into the bathroom.

"Yeah, I heard you Mr. P" Said Ranma.

"Ranma, I go too" said Shampoo.

"I'll go to Shampoo" said Mousse.

"Stupid Mousse" Said Shampoo.

"I'll go too Ran-chan" said Ukyo.

"Alright, let's go and stop that old pervert" Said Ranma.

"Man, it's been two hours and we still haven't found the old fart" Said Ranma.

Just then, a woman's screams could be heard from the house accross from them.

"That's gotta be the old fart", said Ranma

"What a Haul, What a Haul, What a Haul!!!"Said Happosai.

Just then, Happosai was greeted with a swift kick to the head, by Ranma.

"What did you do that for, boy"? Said Happosai.

"Alright, I'm gonna make this short and sweet, you return all those panties, or I'm gonna make you". Said Ranma.

"Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Don't make me laugh, you couldn't defeat me if your life depended on it". Said Happosai.

"Wanna see me try" Said Ranma.

"Ranma, be careful, you're still not as good as Happosai, why did you challenge him to a one on one"? Said Akane.

"Piss off Akane" Said Ranma.

"Enough, arguing, and let's fight" Said Happosai.

"Alright, let's do it" Said Ranma.

"TENSHI AMIGURIKEN!" Screamed Ranma, unleashing lightning quick punches.

Happosai blocked every one of them, and then hit Ranma over the head with his pipe, knocking Ranma to the ground.

"Is that all you can do" Said Happosai looking at the unconscious body of Ranma. "I'll se you when you're a little better" said Happosai, and he then ran away.

The Next morning...

"What happened to me"? Said Ranma "The last thing I can remember is the old freak hittin' me with his pipe, and then it all went blank".

"We were all worried about you" Said Kasumi. "That nice boy Ryoga, carried you home, what nice friends you have".

"Where's the old fart"? said Ranma.

"How am I supposed to know" said Akane.

"Oh, someone's knocking on the door, I better get it" said Kasumi.

At the door, a strange man appeared.

"I'm looking for a man named Happosai" said the man.

"Why would you wanna look for the old fart" Said Ranma.

"You know him" Said the man. "Take me to him".

"I would, if I knew where he is, I got a settle to score with the old freak" said Ranma.

"You've got a score to settle!" said The Man.

"Just who are you anyways?" said Ranma. "And why are you looking for the old fart?"

"Well, it's really none of your business" Said the Man "But since I am bored I will tell you, on the one condition, that you tell me about yourself, and your problems with the old fart". Said The Man.

"You got a deal" Said Ranma.

"Ok, everyone sit around, and listen to my story" Said The Man. "It all started a long, long time ago...".

"But, you don't look that old" said Nabiki.

"I'm a lot older than I look, believe me" said the Man. "As I was saying a long, long time ago, I was flying my space ship from the planet Altharax on a routine mission to Earth, I landed my ship, in the Japanese Alps for refueling, when a short young man, no older than 18. Ran into my ship looking for panties. He bounced around for a while, then he accidentally jumped on the self-destruct Button. Killing all my crew. he managed to get out of the ship, before it exploded. I survived the explosion, but I suffered major Injuries, so he was able to defeat me in combat. Ever since then, I have looked for him, with no success. When I find him I vow to avenge my spaceship, and my collegues." said the Man.

"The young man, must be the master" said Soun.

"Growf!!!" said Genma.

"What is your name sir" said Soun.

"The Name's Zanthrax" said the Man. "By the way, weren't you gonna tell your story, boy". and he looked at Ranma.

"yeah, yeah". said Ranma, and he told Zanthrax his story.

"You forgot one thing, Ranma" said Akane, and she splashed him with cold water.

"Shit, Akane, What you do that for" Said Ranma-chan.

"You see, Ranma has this weird curse when he is splashed by cold water, he turns into a girl". Said Soun.

"Ahh, Jusenkyo" said Zanthrax. "I've heard of it, but I have never seen it's effects, until now that is".

"Yo Ranma" said Happosai as he walked in "Zanthrax?!".

"Oh, I have waited for this day" said Zanthrax. "I will Kill you".

"I'm not a martial arts master for nothin'" said Happosai.

"Let's go outside and fight". Said Zanthrax.

Outside, The fight was about to start.

"Alright Happosai, you've caused too much trouble over your lifetime". Said Zanthrax. "I'm gonna end it all".

"Chrono Blast" Screamed Zanthrax, and this huge beam Fried Happosai.

Happosai Gets up.

"Pellet Explode" screamed Zanthrax, and 10 000 Pellets Came and exploded on Happosai.

Happosai Was deafeated.

"hahahahaha Happosai, I have deafeated you" said Zanthrax, and with that he left.

End Of Part 1