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Ranma 1/2 Fight! Part 2: 'RYUU FURY'

"Ha Ranma, and You call yourself a man" said Happosai "Getting Zanthrax to defeat me, when you, yourself, have not yet defeated me."

"Shut up you old Fart" said Ranma "I can beat you anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

"Oh yeah Ranma, meet me in a week, and we'll see if you can defeat me like you say you can". Said Happosai. "If I lose, I promise to give back all the Panties I stole this week, but that won't happen."

"Ok, it's a deal." Said Ranma, in the midst of his pride.

"Meanwhile, I gotta go treasure hunting, if you know what I mean." Said Happosai.

Later That night...

"What have I got myself into." Thought Ranma. "Hmm... what's that poster, Zanthrax, the illusionist, Furinkan High Auditorium, Monday night at 8:30 pm. Hmm... That's tomorrow night, mabye I can convince Zanthrax to train me."

The Next day at school...

"So which commitee is helping out Zanthrax for his show?" asked Ranma.

"The Magic Club I think". Said Ukyo.

"Damn... I gotta join up with those losers." Said Ranma.

"Huh?" said Ukyo.

"I issued a challenge to Happosai, and I need to get Zanthrax to train me, in order to do that, I need to get near Zanthrax, to ask him, in order to do that, I gotta join the magic club". said Ranma.

"Oh, if you're joining the magic club, I'll join too". Said Ukyo.

"Just What are you two talking about". said Akane.

"Me, and Ran-chan are going on a date". said Ukyo.

"Huh?!" Said Ranma.

"Ranma, you Pervert". Said Akane, and she threw a desk at Ranma, hitting him in the head.

"Miss Tendo, try to keep the furniture on the floor". Said The teacher.

"Uhh, sorry Sensei". Said Akane.

"Ugh.... Ugh... why... did... you... have... to... that, you uncute tomboy". Said Ranma, still feeling the effects of that desk.

After School...

"Ranma, you wanna join the magic club, but why?" said the club president.

"Well, y'know, I've always been interested in magic". Said Ranma.

"Don't tell me, that you just want to join, because Zanthrax is coming, and you want to meet him". Said a Member of the club.

"No, no, no, I'm interested in magic, and I wanna hang with other people that share the same interests". Said Ranma.

"What a bunch of losers, I can't believe I'm sucking up to those geeks". Thought Ranma.

"I wanna join too". Said Ukyo.

"Me too," said Akane, walking in the door.

"What are you doing here". Said Ranma.

"I wanna join too, that's all". Said Akane.

"Well, let's go, we got a lot of Magic to do". Said Ranma.

"Zanthrax, will be arriving within the hour," Said the Club President. "Let's all be ready to greet him".

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be". Said Ranma.

"Me too," Said Ukyo.

"When's the guy gonna come." Said Akane.

"Hey everybody, what are you doing here Ranma?" said Zanthrax.

"You two know each other?" said a member of the club.

"Sorta" said Ranma.

"Speaking of which, I need a Martial Artist as part of my act" Said Zanthrax. "Ranma, why don't you be a part of my act, come with me".

"Alright," said Ranma, and he followed Zanthrax, to the Backstage area.

"Yo, Zanthrax, I saw how easily, you beat the old fart, I wonder if you can train me to beat him". Said Ranma.

"The techniques of the Altharax people, are not for people of this planet to know!" said Zanthrax.

"How far is Altharax, you're stuck here right, just teach me one technique, so I can defeat the old geezer". Said Ranma.

"People of your planet, don't deserve to know Altharax techniques, so my answer is No". Said Zanthrax.

"Can I prove to you, that I am worthy of your teaching?" Asked Ranma.

"I don't know how you can prove it to me, but if you can defeat me, I'll teach you some techniques. But, I don't see that happening". said Zanthrax.

"You're on". Said Ranma.

"I'll make it part of my show". Said Zanthrax.

Later, at the show...

"The Furinkan High Magic Club Presents, Zanthrax, The Illusionist, Guest starring Ranma Saotome". Said The, President of The Magic Club.

The Crowd Cheers.

"You Ready to lose, Ranma" said Zanthrax.