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Sakura, is Cherry's, niece, and she too has spiritual powers. She is the nurse, at Tomobiki high school, and when she first arrived, there were a lot of guys "getting hurt", for no particular reason, just to see her. She hates Cherry, just as much as everyone else does. She has the amazing ability to eat a ton of food, without ever gaining weight. She has an old fashioned personality, and acts very mature.

Sakura can't stand Ataru, and doesn't trust him for one second. He always hits on her, much to the dismay of Lum. She also can't stand Mendou, when he hits on her, but she can tollerate him more than the idiot Ataru.

Sakura has a lover, Tsubame Okame, who is a B grade sorceror to say the least. Who Cherry doesn't approve of.

Sakura, is another very interesting character, in Urusei Yatsura