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Shinobu Miyake

Shinobu is Ataru's childhood friend, and at the beginning of the series, they were sorta going out. After 9 of 10 days, when Ataru couldn't catch Lum, Shinobu agreed to marry him, if he could catch Lum. Of course he caught her, and Lum thought that Ataru was referring to her. And then Lum started going after Ataru. After a while, Shinobu gave up on Ataru, and started going after Mendou. Shinobu's name means "patience", and with some of the stuff she goes through, she needs a lot of that. When shinobu gets upset, she gains almost infinate strength, usually throwing desks, and other sorts of things like that through the air. Shinobu is normally sweet tempered, but don't get her pissed.

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