Urusei Yatsura is one of the funniest Anime serieses I have ever seen, man, the shit cracks me up. it all started when Ataru Moroboshi, a little pervert, got challenged to a match of tag to decide the fate of the planet, his opponent was the alien princess Lum, when Ataru saw the size of her pair, he agreed to do it, without realizing that Lum could fly. he had 10 days to grab the tiny horns on top of her head. when there was one day left, Shinobu his semi girlfriend said "if you beat her, I'll marry you" Ataru got all excited, and used avery dirty method, he used a suction cup gun to rip her bra off. and then he grabbed her horns. and then he said "Now I can get married". Lum thought he was talking about her, and Lum agreed right away to marry him, but if he so much as looks at another girl, he feels the wrath of Lum's electric shock. The irony is that Ataru wants any hot chick except for Lum, who is all hung up over him. The scenarios, involving Ataru, Lum, and some of the other characters are really hilarious, and I strongly suggest that if you get a chance to see this, see it.

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Well, that's all I've got for now, so enjoy, I guess.